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August 2019
Timothy Hatcher was the first realtor that I contacted that made me feel like I had the inside scoop. He gave me listings before the Real Estate books came out. Other realtors that I contacted did not seem that interested in helping us. He would reply to my emails very quickly and let me know of listings that came available the same day. I found a house on Zillow but did not know if it was sold or not so I contacted him to help me. He found out that it was a foreclosure home being sold on a live auction website. Only certain realtors can help you with this process as it can be difficult to understand and they do not really make the amount of comission that they deserve. He’s a specialist. Timothy Hathcer had to put in a tremendous amount of work to do this deal and was very easy to get ahold of. He loves real estate, things like paperwork that others find boring he enjoys all day everyday! He explained every fine detail in depth and made sure we understood everything. Even after we had the house in our posession we e-mailed him for a question and he got right back with us. I could call him five years from now with a question and he would be on it! It makes him happy to make others happy and reach their real estate needs. I consider Timothy Hatcher not just a great realtor but a friend as well. He does a fabulous job!
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